How do you know which is the “best” design for a given problem? If, for example,

“you were given the problem of generating an image search results page of 30 thumbnails, would you load images sequentially? In parallel? Would you cache? How would you decide?”

One way is to start implementing every possible option you could and see for max performance boost you could achieve.But that’s crazy impractical, isn’t it?. But there is other way around it, we can use “Back of the envelope calculations” method typically used by Google as a workaround for such problems. …

It all started with me trying to implement a website wide search functionality for Spacejoy (🥱Ahh.. an organization I work with), though we could have built it over our main database MongoDB. But for some good enough reasons, we were inclined towards Elasticsearch/Solr, let me explain why & how we achieved the same.

Problem Statement

All we needed was an autocomplete or autosuggest service which kicks in whenever a user starts typing in…..Just like it works with Google, Amazon Bing, etc.


I can use MongoDB for auto-suggest which actually is our main database which would be much simpler to build & release…

Running ETL at scale is one of the prominent issues people face with large scale systems….though airflow, azkaban etc have already proved there mark it’s time to move from traditional systems to scalable solutions.

In order to understand this, we need to have preliminary knowledge about Docker. Docker enables you to create highly customized images that are used to execute your jobs. These images allow you to easily share complex applications between teams and even organizations. However, sometimes you might just need to run a script!

This post details the steps to create and run a simple “fetch & run”…

Azure Functions and Docker are a perfect match for microservices in a hybrid world. This combo gives you the flexibility to easily deploy and run your microservices either in the cloud or on-premises. While I prefer Azure as a cloud platform, you are free to host the Docker Functions on any other cloud platform.

Microsoft already provides some Docker base images for hosting Azure Functions in a Linux container. Besides the actual base image, there are some platform-specific images for Dotnet core, node, and the python. …

If you’re new to Node.js and you want to understand how Node.js works under the hood, then read this article.

Every Node.js article introduces Node.js as single-threaded. Below are some misconceptions about multi-threading in Node.js.

  1. Just like JavaScript, Node.js doesn’t support multi-threading.
  2. Node.js is a proper multi-threaded language just like Java.
  3. There are two threads in Node.js, one thread is dedicatedly responsible for the event loop and the other is for the execution of your program.

Well, relax, these are just assumptions that can be actually termed as misconceptions.

Most of us, at some point in our life, got confused…

We’re going to be talking about the events of the movie, what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and our guesses with where it will all be going next.

First up, those DEATHS.

This was a movie that literally opened with the death of Idris Elba’s Heimdall, and within the first five minutes, killed off everyone’s favourite MCU villain, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.

Additionally, with the destruction of Thor’s shop, we can assume that everyone from Thor: Ragnarok who isn’t Thor is also dead. PLUS we find out that Thanos has killed everyone from the…

While there are a variety of privacy-focused search engines available like StartPage and DuckDuckGo, nothing can offer the complete trust offered by creating one’s own search engine. For complete trust and security, Searx can be used as free metasearch engine which can be hosted locally and index results from over 70 different search engines.

Search engines inevitably carry some traces of metadata about anyone who uses them, even if just temporarily. If you don’t want to trust this data to a third-party search engine, the only solution is to host your own. …

I’ve put together a list of the must-see talks for every programmer. In this list, I’ve avoided language or library specific talks and instead focused on high-level, general topics that apply to everyone:

  1. The future of technology
  2. User interface
  3. Programming language design
  4. Software engineering
  5. Computers and learning
  6. A career in programming
  7. Computer gaming

If I missed a talk you like please leave a comment & we will together make this a great post.

The future of technology

The Future Doesn’t Have To Be Incremental by Alan Kay

When thinking about the future, you can’t do better than Alan Kay. In The Future Doesn’t Have…

In the previous part, i have explained typical methodology followed by a naive to deploy Docker’s in Prod. Now we will take a look on how to take this ahead as a geek rather than just a newbie.We will Opt for Amazon ECS to further …..

Deploying Docker containers on ECS

The idea behind ECS is that you create an ECS Cluster — which is a group of EC2 Instances managed by ECS — define what Docker containers you want to run, and ECS will take care of deploying those containers across the Cluster, rolling out new versions, and integrating with other AWS infrastructure.


What is Machine Learning? We can read authoritative definitions of machine learning, but really, machine learning is defined by the problem being solved. Therefore the best way to understand machine learning is to look at some example problem.

Examples of applications or problem statement

Machine Learning problems are abound. They make up core or difficult parts of the software you use on the web or on your desktop everyday. Think of the “do you want to follow” suggestions on twitter and the speech understanding in Apple’s Siri.

Below are 10 examples of machine learning that really ground what machine learning is all about.

  • Spam Detection: Given…

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